Project You Care Too Much: Creative Women on the Question of Self Care

Client With/out Pretend

You Care Too Much is a collection of writing and art by women on the question of self care. Contributors include Tallulah Fontaine, Leah Horlick, Angela Lewis, Winnie Truong, Adina Tarralik Duffy, Mo Handahu, Anabela Piersol and others.

I collaborated closely with editor and publisher Erin Klassen (With/out Pretend) to create a whimsically beautiful book. Since much of the subject matter is hard-hitting, I looked to gorgeous photos and bold typography to give the reader respite from feeling so many feelings. The most satisfying part of the project was collaborating with such talented women. Once I created general templates, we worked with designer Kait Souch to layout each story. There was a lot of back and forth to get each section just right! The first print run sold out in 6 weeks and Erin wisely printed a second run, to be shortly sold out, I’m sure. 

An added bonus to working on the book was that I had the chance to create concepts with Vicky Lam and Christina Yan. We created a series of still life images called “The Stuff That Feeds Us.” Each image reflects a personal story about our present relationships or history with food and self care.