Visual Consulting by Jen Spinner

Project Brand Identity

Client With/out Pretend

What is next for the brand and publishing company, With/out Pretend? The company’s founder, Erin Klassen asked me to present some visual solutions to that question. We created a fresh yet grown-up look and feel to their latest marketing materials. The response to the new look has been really positive on social media, which was part of the goal! A slick yet friendly sans serif is paired with textures and shapes that represent the creative process. Part of the idea behind the brand is to encourage women-identified folks to create work and put it out into the world. Part of the campaign includes a series of four postcards that stand alone or can be included in books as an extra brand touchpoint. The front of the cards was printed with holographic foil that reflects the viewer back to themselves. the cards ask the viewer specific questions about themselves, promoting them to reflect and hopefully, be inspired to create something meaningful. “Who would you be if no one was watching?”


Christie Vuong