Project Paper Flower Wall

Client Le Château

When Rodeo Production in Montreal approached me to create an 8 foot high by 12 foot wide paper flower backdrop set for a Spring-inspired fashion shoot, I didn’t hesitate. The two-week turnaround time was a tall order, but I was up for the challenge. The final wall consisted of 100 paper flowers that were each around one foot in diameter and 8 inches high. Everyone involved was extremely happy with the finished product, including me and most importantly, Le Château


Leda & St. Jacques

Installation assistant (and saviour)

Candice Maddy Fridman


Nadia Fancelli (Rodéo Production) 

Set Backdrop Construction

Boris Arseneault


Canson® Mi-Teintes® paper, glue, Unibond No More Nails


8′ high by 12′ wide, installed on custom plywood A-frames