Project Inside pages

Client Air Canada enRoute édition

With these individual stories, I sometimes connected concepts from the cover and extended the thought inside the magazine. Other times, they presented an opportunity to create beauty and showcase interesting objects in new ways.

  • “A Different Cloth,” “Monkey Business,” “Twin Cities: Botanical Gardens,” “Twin Cities: Boutique Publishers”: Vicky Lam
  • “Art Schooled”: Gabrielle Sykes
  • “Escape Artist”: Nick Wong
  • “Natural Selection”: Virginie Gosselin
  • “Twin Cities: Chinatowns,” “Twin Cities: Ice Cream,” “Twin Cities: Picnics”: Michael Crichton and Leigh MacMillan ); magazine image by Laurie McGregor
  • “Twin Cities: Cookie Delivery,” “Twin Cities: Floral Design,” “Twin Cities: Micro-Roasting,” and “Twin Cities: Pies”: Natasha V
  • Magazine images by Laurie McGregor