Project Happy If You Know It

Client With/out Pretend

For my second collaboration with Erin Klassen, editor/ publisher of With/out Pretend, I was ambitious and came up with an idea that was challenging but awesome to execute. This book is all about asking questions about what makes women-identified people happy. Specifically, how is intuition linked to happiness? Visually, I was struck by the conceptual binaries: happy/ sad; right/ wrong; mind/ heart, etc. I researched other books with women on the cover and didn’t find the fierce figure I was craving. So, we created her. I loved the idea of combining a literal expression of creativity (paint strokes and blobs) with a stoic black and white portrait. The guts (ha) of the book were designed with the same care as the cover. Visual “doors” introduced each contributor’s story coupled with bio-poems that were typeset with care. The feel of the book is literary, a tiny bit feminine and authoritative. It is always a deep pleasure to bring my ideas to life and this time was no exception!

Cover Illustrations

Lauren Tamaki

Cover Portrait Photography

Sam Pierre

Photo Editor + Cover Retoucher

Angela Lewis

Inside Drawings

Tania Love



Still Life Book Photography

Angela Lewis and Christie Vuong