Branding by Jen Spinner

Project Brand Identity

Client Chimera Collective

When creating the visual identity for Chimera Collective, I drew inspiration from its name. Chimera is described by Greek mythology as a beast created with the parts of a lion, serpent and goat. The public relations company has turned typical PR offerings up a notch, with a hybrid DNA. I knew the founder, Courtney Khimji is a force: able to create magic at the drop of a hat. So, I eliminated the serpent from the equation and introduced a unicorn to create a creature we affectionately refer to as Periwinkle. (I can’t take credit for the name, that’s Courtney’s handiwork.) Periwinkle is the playful yet sophisticated counterpart to Chimera’s more serious logo design. The colour choices are of-the-moment, light and airy.


Christie Vuong